Intensive Care Medicine

The Intensive Care Unit 13i2 is a subunit of the Department of Medicine I of the Medical University of Vienna. The two main aspects of care and nursing of critically ill patients are:

  • Prompt initiation of artificial organ support ("life-support") in acute life-threatening situations with onset of organ failure (e.g. ventilator therapy for the treatment of acute respiratory failure, haemofiltration or -dialysis for the treatment of renal impairment, vasopressor or catecholamine support during haemodynamic instability), as well as, depending on the capacity,
  • the monitoring of patients with borderline impaired organ function in order to avoid the development of multiple organ failure with its disastrous prognosis (i.e. early countersteering in the presence of possible life-threatening situations). The goal of our efforts is to ensure survival of the patients during the critical period of disease.

The technical equipment of our Intensive Care Unit consists of 8 ventilators, haemofiltration devices, echocardiography (including trans-oesophageal echocardiography), a unit for endoscopic procedures (bronchoscopy, gastroscopy), as well as an ECMO (Extra-Coporal-Membrane-Oxygenation) circuit. Thus, we are able to carry out all important invasive and non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic measures

Besides our clinical activities we take part in teaching and research activities, focusing especially on research relevant for the clinical practice. The importance of research reaches a high degree in our faculty, nevertheless the patient with his or her individual physical and psychological needs remains in the centre of our daily efforts.

The ICU is accredited by the EN ISO norm 9001:2008.